Four years ago, MSB Architects signed a lease for our current space, moving us from Myersville to Hagerstown. It was exciting to design our own space and it’s been a great home for the past 4 years. Now its time to embark on a similar journey, but this time we will own the space we inhabit.

As some of you know, we are in the process of buying the Pioneer Hook and Ladder fire station from the City of Hagerstown. It is approx 5,500 square feet, which is much larger than our current 1,200 square foot office. Like last time, we will take our audience along for the ride and give a full view of what its like to experience the design and construction process.

The first step in any design project is the program and ours is no different. What does MSB Architects really need? Our program list is:

  • Managers Office
  • Secondary Office (We are an open plan design studio, but occasionally you need some time in solitude.)
  • Coat closet (I ignored this request in the last design and have been paying for it for 4 years now.)
  • Conference Room
  • Secondary Conference Room
  • Open studio space (10-15 desks)
  • Printing Room
  • 3D printing room
  • Interiors office and material library
  • Bigger fish tank (A bigger office means we need a bigger fish tank.)
  • Exercise room (Its hard to find time to workout. Hopefully, this helps us.)
  • Bathroom with shower
  • Kitchenette with eating area
  • Collaboration space (lots of unique areas to work away from desk area)

Making sure your program needs are well defined is the first step in the design process. As our needs have increased, we have a better understanding of what additional spaces we need moving forward so creating our needs list was easy. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that this is our profession. Do you think we missed any spaces for our new office?