Do other professions have times when you think “what did I get myself in to”? I can absolutely think of a few professions that might second guess themselves. In my time as an architect, I can think of a few times when I wondered what I was doing with my life. Let’s consider then, all the “Oh, No” (aka reconsidering all life choices) moments of an architect’s life.


Give me a wall to climb and I’m fine, until about 12 feet. Beyond that, I start to have second thoughts about why my feet are nowhere near the ground. But there are many times when you’re at a construction site or field measuring where you are forced to soar to previously unimagined heights. One of the few heights I didn’t reach was a church bell tower because I was too short to reach the next platform.

At least it wasn’t scaffolding!

14 stories up with no edge makes the heart race

Creepy Basements

I quite like old buildings, especially when they are well lit. The trouble typically comes when we get to basements or dark hallways. Always remember a flashlight or headlamp – your phone doesn’t count when you’re also field measuring. You can’t hold the tablet, write down the measurement, hold the measuring tape, hold the flashlight, and be on the lookout for monsters.

Little girls holding hands come to mind…

Old-timey elevator pit access doors


Building Second Guesses

Sometimes the building that’s under construction gives you pause. Many times you consider if you should even be standing in the vicinity. While asbestos removal is nothing new, the seismic monitoring on one of our projects certainly caught my attention. Turns out the original building took the vibrations from rock removal like a champ, but we did switch to grinding the rock out of the site instead of pounding.

Seismic monitoring on your building – Please don’t breathe too hard!

Entrance to asbestos removal area.


Now that I’ve scared everyone, let’s (1) take a deep breath, and (2) consider all the good that makes an architect go “Aw Yeah”



Schematic Design Awesomeness

In general, excitement, surprise, and exhilarated anticipation are what we like to see for any proposed scheme. But when the concept takes you to unexpected territory, the schematic design gets a bit crazy. This will, at times, cause delight for clients. This makes me happy.

New project working with the idea of centrifugal/centripetal forces.

Sweet renderings

For me, there is nothing, nothing, that compares to finishing a rendering or 3d print where you’ve surpassed your previous abilities.

Completed Buildings

Okay, this might supersede sweet renderings.