We are now 2 weeks into 2020 and while we are a little late in the game, we are setting our goals for 2020 and beyond. For us, it’s important to look back and see what goals we have accomplished, ones we haven’t, and things we thought were important, but no longer serve us. Here are some of my thoughts on this journey.

The use of technology is important to MSB Architects. One of our achieved goals is the change in our design software from AutoCAD to Revit. Revit brought Building Information Modeling (BIM) or fully 3D design, for those that are not familiar with BIM. Because Revit and AutoCAD, while by the same company, are completely different the staff had to relearn how to draw. The benefits far outweighed the temporary pain because now our clients could see any part of their project in 3D immediately. This also allowed better coordination of drawings and details resulting in fewer change orders on projects. With our new 3D capabilities, it was easy to add Qbert, our 3D printer, and animation software to help our clients understand flat drawings. Our technology goal for this year is to add Virtual Reality to further enhance our customer’s experience and understanding.

Being architects, we are always looking at buildings and space. At the beginning of 2017, we set a 3-5 year goal of having our own space. At the time, we enjoyed the space we were leasing, but it was starting to feel a little cramped and we were considering our options. By late 2017, we started the process of acquiring our firehouse. While much of my time in 2019 was dedicated to the renovation of our new offices, we can happily check off this goal, and ahead of schedule!

Interior of MSB Architects first floor

One of the unwritten goals for MSB Architects has always been to improve our community. 2019 was a busy year for MSB Architects. We saw the final phase of the Schmankerl Stube project completed, we donated our time to both the Maryland Symphony Orchestras new offices and the Maryland Theaters Furniture design for their expansion. We are also proud of the work we have done with the University System of Maryland at Hagerstown, Hager 5, and The City of Hagerstown amongst others. All of these contributed to the revitalization of downtown Hagerstown and we couldn’t be prouder to now be part of bringing positivity downtown.

various buildings

Over the past decade, MSB Architects has had many great projects and personal transformations, including over $80 million dollars of projects designed. Some of our more notable projects include APUS Academic Center, APUS Finance Center, APUS IT Center, Saint James School Pohanka Fine Arts Center, Saint James Turner Athletic Center, several multi-state projects for Intelsat, several church projects, restaurants, and residential projects. We absolutely loved building their stories. Our goals for the future include further enhancements to the client experience. We also expect to see more automation in the construction industry with robots that help contractors. This will require more direct involvement with architects and their BIM files, putting more control in our hands than ever before; much like architects in the Renaissance era, when we were considered master builders. It will bring a whole new aspect to Your Story Built.

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