This is Scott’s week to blog, but after unsuccessfully editing his blogs for hours, I needed a change of scenery. I decided to complain and generally distract Janelle and Claudia from their work. We started talking and inspiration struck. I opted to toss out Scott’s blog and share a story instead.

Over the holidays, during some family time, a guy’s weekend Scott took with his brother, Drew, and friend Justin came up. The destination was a cabin in the wilds of Pennsylvania, where they would exert their masculinity with mud, guns, and no wifi. Scott, in his khakis and loafers, stood out, well, like a man in khakis where every other man, woman, and child was in camouflage. As amusing as this image is, the relevant part is the guys stopped their man-fest long enough to go to the Flight 93 Memorial.

Close to a year after the initial visit, Drew was still dumbfounded by Scott’s reaction to the memorial. Apparently, Scott spent a great deal of time with the concrete walls. Drew wasn’t sure what the allure was, and neither was I. However, a glance at Scott showed that time had not dulled the appeal. His eyes had glazed over and said in an awe-inspired voice “board formed concrete.” Now, the rest of us must have looked a bit baffled because he went on to explain. Apparently, concrete is poured between wood panels, which molds the wood texture into the concrete. The end result is a wood grain concrete, which makes it warmer. Enlightened, if not smitten with the idea of board formed concrete, the rest of us went back to feasting.

You might think this was the end, but I mentioned this story when I interrupted Janelle and Claudia. To be perfectly honest, I couldn’t remember what was so special about the concrete or its name. But Claudia reverently said the words board formed concrete, jogging my memory. Then Janelle started waxing poetic about touching the concrete when she visited the memorial. It was all reminiscent of Scott’s reaction. Yes, I was a little bit scared. Of course, I’m glad to know that it isn’t just Scott. On the other hand, I am and constantly amazed and surprised working with architects.

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