Ok business owners, it's time to talk about your brand. We all know that your brand identity is more than your logo or letterhead. It is also a representation of who you are as a business. If you follow a holistic marketing approach, you're incorporating your branding into every facet of your business, including the physical space your business occupies. It's that piece we are going to discuss today.

Clients interact with businesses and brands before they walk in the front door. This is where architecture comes to play. Traditional architecture gives the impression of safety and stability. Modern architecture implies your business is more cutting edge and forward-thinking. Companies with very strong brand identities use this to their advantage. For example, up until recently, every McDonald's building was constructed with the same shape. It was identifiable before the iconic Golden Arches went up and an announcement made. Customers were making connections with the McDonald's brand months before the restaurant served its first burger while the company built a buzz with minimal effort. 

McDonald's exterior
The roof made McDonald's easily identifiable. Photo (unchanged) by John Phelan, CC BY-SA 3.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons 

Of course, you might not be constructing your space from scratch. That doesn't mean you can't incorporate your brand. The simplest way to do this is by placing your logo on the door or wall, using your logo colors to paint a wall, or putting vinyl text on walls that reflect your mission and values. I call this a great start, but it can also be so much more when you look at the entire space. Taken a step further, space branding also includes furnishings, but why stop there? Consider the placement of the walls (or lack thereof), the type of lighting, traffic patterns, and general use of areas all contribute to the overall brand experience.

Interior of MSB Architects
The tagline and logo colors help incorporate the branding here at MSB Architects. Purposeful choices were made on lighting, carpet, ceiling tile shape, and the shape of the space to convey our brand.

The best space branding occurs when all strategies mentioned above are incorporated. Professionals such as graphic designers and interior decorators can get you part of the way, but only architects are qualified to examine the whole space and make the required changes to the structure. So when you're ready to incorporate your brand into your space make sure your architect is leading the charge. They are the best equipped to bring it all together and tell the story of your brand. 

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