Its been just over two years since we moved into our building in downtown Hagerstown. Before we moved in, we replaced all the mechanical, plumbing, and electrical systems, the roof, and the exterior windows. The exterior masonry walls are about the only item we didn’t replace. With everything new, you would think we'd have no problems with the building, right? Wrong. Regardless of all the work completed new buildings still have issues. This is why we always recommend a 1-year warranty for our clients. Here are some of the items we dealt with that first year.

The first issue we had after the renovation was a leak in the roof. Even though we replaced the roof it's not uncommon for a new roof to have some lingering leaks. Roofs are complicated, and it only takes a small imperfection for water to find a path into your building. Within the first month of having the new roof, we had a leak. It didn’t show up until we had a major rainstorm. Not what you want to be dealing with after you spent a lot of money on a new roof.

water stained ceiling tiles
There's nothing like water stains from a roof leak on new ceiling tile.

We also had trouble with one of our HVAC units not working properly. After several visits from the mechanical contractor, it was discovered that an internal weld in the unit was not done properly by the manufacturer. A replacement was provided at no cost, but we had to deal with cooling issues for several weeks while we waited for a replacement.

For more fun, we noticed that the glass in the front door started rubbing against the adjacent piece of glass. A quick call to the installer and they found the glass had slipped in the frame and simply needed to reset. This was not a situation they have had often but was an easy fix. A couple of months later, the entry door started rubbing along the fixed glass frame. Once again, the installer came out and made some adjustments.

It can be very frustrating when your new items have issues. However, it is common for new or newly renovated buildings to have items that require adjustment. In most cases, these are not a result of poor craftsmanship but the building components learning to work together. This acclimation period is why we recommend a short construction warranty that typically lasts one year. After the first year or two, these items tend to resolve themselves and do not continue to linger.

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