Last month, my husband came home with our Girl Scout cookies order. In November, you say? That’s only the beginning. Not only did Girl Scout cookies come earlier than the usual February (change # 1), but so many changes followed I thought the world was coming to an end.

New Name, Same Cookie?

The cookies all sported different names:

  • “Do-Si-Dos” blandly changed to “Peanut Butter Sandwich”
  • “Tagalongs” became “Peanut Butter Patties”
  • “Trefoils” became the less interesting name, “Shortbread”

Try it, it won’t hurt you.

After salvaging some semblance of hope, I decided to try what appeared to be imposter Girl Scout cookies. I surprised myself. The new cookies were as yummy as the versions I grew up loving. They were just different:

  •  New Trefoil iteration “Shortbread” was more vanilla-y, less buttery. Still good.

old trefoil girl scout cookienew shortbread girl scout cookie

  • “Peanut Butter Sandwich” cookies were less the buttery, crumbly outer cookie of “Do-si-dos,” and more a peanut-butter-flavored, crunchy outer cookie. (Luckily, the creamy frosting filling remained in both versions!)

peanut butter sandwich cookiedo-si-do cookie

And to my greatest amazement:

  • “Savannah Smiles” lemon cookies with powdered sugar I coveted as a kid, were replaced with lemon-frosted shortbread cookies (“Lemonades”) that were leaps-and-bounds yummier!

Savannah smiles girl scout cookie"Lemonade" sandwich cookie

I couldn’t believe I liked something I was sure I wouldn’t.

This relates to decorating, how?

The Girl Scout Cookie Conundrum reminded me that as your tastes in food change over time, so do your tastes in decorating styles. My change of heart (nee taste) reminded me to ask clients to be open to exploring decorating ideas they may be skeptical of at first.

I put this idea to the test at a subsequent decorating seminar I presented. A What’s Your Style Quiz forced participants to examine their likes and dislikes quickly, choosing answers based on feelings at that moment. Some were legitimately surprised to learn something modern appealed to them when they were certain they would never stray from the traditional.

modern style sofaecclectic style sofa with pillows

Changes in decorating taste are akin to hating Brussels sprouts as a kid and loving them now as your first-choice appetizer. When approaching decorating, especially if you want to refresh or revitalize your space, be open to exploring how your tastes may have changed over time. Be open to inviting surprise decor ideas into the mix. You may find a decorating gem in a modern sculpted vase that wakes up your mantle in an unexpected way.

modern vase with wavy linestraditional floral vase

So try that new Peanut Butter Sandwich cookie. You might surprise and, dare I say, delight yourself.

Blogger’s Note: Taste change surprises aside, I had to get to the bottom of why the Girl Scout cookies were different. After a quick Internet search, I discovered there are two bakeries in the U.S. responsible for Girl Scout cookies. The “recipes” you get and when you can get them depend on what region of the country you reside. World order restored. * Girl Scout cookie photos courtesy of the Los Angeles Times.

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