One of the difficulties I have being married to an architect falls into the category of home repair. Much like the adage “the cobbler’s children have no shoes,” the architect’s house is in need of improvement. Some of this I attribute to the lack of free time for small business owners, while others are strictly related to Scott’s profession. For example, we have a rather sad, worn linoleum floor in our kitchen that is now an issue. Aside from the clear path that the kids take through the kitchen, there is a rather large gouge in front of the refrigerator and the seam between the kitchen and laundry room is coming up. I know because I trip over it every couple days. It’s time for an update.

gouge in linoleum floor
The gouge in the kitchen floor.

So what’s the problem? It wasn’t discussing replacement floors. Scott rattled off a ton of possible materials. We narrowed it down and he found some samples for us to examine next to the cabinets. And here’s where we hit a snag—the floor I liked was cork. Scott immediately started doing the math and figured there was no way to install a cork floor in our kitchen without having an issue with the cabinetry around the fridge. This, of course, snowballed and the next thing I knew, Scott completely redesigned the kitchen and was asking me if I want to keep the existing wall between the kitchen and den. Frankly, I was in a bit of shock because I didn’t want a redesigned kitchen–I wanted a new floor. However, the architect can’t leave it at a new floor in any scenario. Along with a complete kitchen redesign, he has also toyed with various options for redesigning the laundry room, which of course needs to be considered since the flooring in there is the same as the kitchen.

samples of cork flooring
The cork samples we used to narrow things down.

It’s now been a couple years since I picked that cork sample. Whenever the floor comes up, so do the various redesign options. I’m still waiting for the Prize Patrol to come by with my giant check to fund this new-floor-that-isn’t-only-the-floor. Until then, we won’t talk about how discussing adding some plants outside resulted in a completely redesigned entry into the house that included a new roof. I’m still scratching my head over that one.

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