For my birthday, I took a mini-vacation to a cabin in Virginia. This was no ordinary cabin - it was a mini! The entire cabin was around 150 square feet. It made me feel like I could live in a tiny house.

Let me just start by saying that I hate camping. There’s just something about a comfy bed and a bathroom with a door. When planning my vacation, traveling to somewhere in rural Virginia was not my first idea. Having gone to New York City last year though, I decided that somewhere less crowded would offer more relaxation.

bedroom of a tiny cabin

I booked a tiny cabin located about 2 hours outside Washington D.C. close to the Blue Ridge Mountains and about 30 minutes from Skyline Drive. There was a cellphone lockbox which I actually used! My favorite part of the whole trip was making my own fire (and roasting the marshmallows, of course). The only “grocery store” around was a convenient store located 10 minutes away from the campground. This cabin was a perfect blend of luxury and camping, also known as “glamping.”

While I was in Virginia, I stopped at Luray Caverns. I’m pretty sure this place is a rite of passage if you live in the MD/VA area. My favorite picture from this trip hands down is the sign in the cavern warning people to watch their step because the stick figure’s only realistic feature is all ten fingers – but maybe that’s the graphic design critic in me being a bit too harsh.

warning sign to watch for your step

by Mackenzie Kidwell

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