Drama masksIf you ask me how the office renovation is going, I’ll say it’s bipolar. This is probably my undergrad psychology education presenting itself in strange ways. I do know that inanimate objects don’t have a mental illness. But it’s an accurate way to classify our current status.

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, Bipolar Disorder “causes unusual shifts in mood, energy, activity levels, and the ability to carry out day-to-day tasks.” Since the renovation isn’t carrying out tasks, we can cross that off the list. But all the other pieces are a big check. Moods shift based on the personalities and interactions of the workers who are here, and how their days are going. Some are gruff, others bitter and angry, while still others are happy and some silly. They each also bring their own energy to the project. And clearly, activity levels fluctuate with the number of crews are here.

These shifts occur on a daily basis, which might be expected, but also from hour to hour. For example, one morning we had a crew of 3 installing glass doors, 2 tile guys, 2 ceiling guys, 2 electricians, 2 plumbers, and a painter. I think there were also about 8 ladders and scaffolding in here. Oh, and they were all on the first floor. The only thing missing was the partridge in a pear tree. During the peak of the activity, it was like an ant colony swarming over a kernel of corn. By lunchtime, the glass doors and tile were installed and the plumbers completed their tasks. When they left, the mood and energy shifted as well. It matches the bipolar criteria.

Perhaps though, this is all just a reflection on me. Sometimes, I look around and think wow, we are about done. Most of the big items are complete. Finish installation is ongoing, but nearing completion. At times like these, I wonder why I’m worried. Other times, I look around and see how much still need to be done and get overwhelmed by the enormity of it. So if you see me with a glazed look in my eyes, there’s a good chance it’s a bipolar episode—even if it’s just in my mind.

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