This week, Scott and I moved our middle child, Nina, into her Freshman dorm at The University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg, VA. Since her designated move-in time was 8 am, we opted to drive down the night before and get a hotel room. We wanted to be fresh for the big day. The hotel room was nice until the architect looked out the window and noticed our view. Or perhaps I should say lack of view.

Apparently, our second-floor room was right above the entrance to the hotel. Someone had the bright idea to add a nice little peak to give it some interest. Or at least that’s my guess. Either way, it had Scott pointing out the flaw to Nina, and asking me how much I paid for the room. I got a “no wonder” when I quoted him a pretty low rate for the room. He continued to mutter under his breath about the view. Meanwhile, I moved on to other things–like making the most of the remaining time we had before Nina’s move.

roof blocking view out window
We could clearly see the Waffle House sign…

By the next morning, I had long forgotten about the issue and assumed it had passed. Then I noticed Scott texting. Apparently, he had not only NOT forgotten about the view, but he had taken a picture and was sharing it with his Leadership Washington County group. They must be far more tolerant than I am about these architecture rants.

As we drove, we passed another hotel, and it had the same obstructed view behind the entrance. At least, that’s what Scott said since once again, I was paying attention to things that aren’t architecture. Like the impending drop off of our middle child. Silly me. Regardless of my wandering thoughts, Nina and I hear all about how that room should have been storage or an employee break room instead of a guest room. My big take away from all of this? Views matter. Even if it’s for a one night stay at a hotel off the interstate. Go figure.

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