It's not every day that a client asks you to dance. And I mean dance here literally, not just sidestepping a difficult conversation about cost or a design choice. Fortunately for me, when the Arc of Washington County asked, it wasn't in a board meeting and because I value our relationship, I agreed to participate in their Annual Fundraiser, Dancing with the Arc Stars. 

Scott Bowen and Carol Ann Williams in dancing pose
Striking a pose with my partner, Carol Ann Williams.

For those who aren't familiar with Dancing with the Arc Stars, six local "celebrities" are paired to form 3 dance teams and perform three different songs. Since June, I have been practicing the choreography for the big day on October 22 for at least 2 hours a week. It's been both fun and intense at the same time. And it's not just the dancing. We are also competing by raising money. That's right, my new smooth moves aren't what's going to determine the Dancing Champion. This is a fundraiser folks, so it's all about which couple raises the most money.  

Scott holding the mirror ball trophy at The Arc of Washington County
Taking a break during our photo shoot at The Arc and dreaming of holding the mirror ball trophy as the winner.

Now, I wouldn't put this much time and effort in for just anyone. The Arc's mission of supporting people with intellectual or developmental disabilities develops relationships with their clients, the client's family members, and the community at large. My cousin also happens to be an Arc client adding another layer to the relationship cake. It's one of the reasons I knew how important the Client Services Building renovations were for the clients. 

Here is a peek of the exterior, with more pictures to come on our website soon. And because I'm in a dancing competition that is judged by the amount each team raises, I'm going to put the link to vote right here. Twinkle Toes Bowen would love to waltz away with the mirror ball trophy, but no matter what happens that night, The Arc of Washington County will be the real winner and I'll be happy because relationships matter. 

Exterior of the Arc of Washington County
Exterior of The Arc


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