When people find out I’m an Interior Designer, I often get the response “oh that’s so cool, that must be such a fun job!” I agree that it is a fun job, however, it can be a lot of work. What some people don’t realize is the extent of what goes into interior design and how rewarding it truly can be.

First, I have to address a common misconception in the profession. Interior designers and interior decorators are not the same. Interior decorators usually pick surface items like wallpaper, window coverings, pillows, and artwork. There are untrained decorators as well, but thankfully they are becoming a thing of the past because it’s actually a very technical job. Interior Designers can do everything a decorator can do, but we also work closely with architects, have a good understanding of construction, create floor plans, lighting plans, sections, meet with contractors, meet with city planners, know building codes, and have at least a B.S. or B.A. degree in Interior Design.

Interior design allows me to be artistic and creative which started at a young age for me. I loved my art class and lessons that helped me create beautiful things from nothing. I also used to constantly move my bedroom furniture around and even furniture in my parent’s home just to see how it would look. Now I get to combine my childhood passions and get paid for it! Of course, interior design is more than moving furniture. You need to have the capacity, creativity, and knowledge to take a client’s ideas and tastes and create their space. Watching my designs turn into reality is just like those art projects turning into something beautiful. 

I also love interacting with people. I must have one of those faces where people start telling me their life stories or what they had that morning for breakfast. Communication in this field is of utmost importance. You need to be able to communicate with not only the client to create and explain your vision but also, contractors, engineers, builders, and installers on the project. The better I communicate, the fewer problems there are for everyone involved.

The most gratifying part of interior design for me is the impact of my work. It's exciting to see my design built,  but changing the form and function of a space makes a difference in how people relate to their space. For some clients, this improves their way of living. For others, it is an environment of healing and for others, it's making their dreams come true. Bringing joy to clients as well as earning their respect is the truly rewarding part of being an Interior Designer.

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