college tourI have been practicing architecture for 24 years. It’s been extremely rewarding but can require a lot of extra time over the course of our careers. I have worked with some wonderful people that offered support as I developed as an architect. However, the one constant element in all those years is my wife, Kim. We celebrated 25 years of marriage this week and it has me thinking about the sometimes lonely road of architect spouses.

Kim and I have three kids. When they were little, family dinners were our opportunity to connect. Most nights, I was home for dinner and help put them to bed. Occasionally, Kim would bring the kids and my dinner to the office when there wasn’t time to make it home. However, there were many nights that I went back to the office after they were tucked into bed. Often on those evenings, Kim was asleep when I got home. The kids didn’t miss much time with their dad, but it didn’t leave much couple time.

As the kids got older, our family calendar got busier. Kim made sure that all the important activities made it to my calendar, so I didn’t miss events. I know it was hard for her, but she never complained. I have observed the same support from the other MSB Architects family/spouses as we pursue our careers in architecture.

college tour
A college tour or a cool architectural detail? You be the judge.

Our spouses and families are the ones we share the joys and challenges of architecture. They get to listen to us talk about ceiling tiles, lights, and wall finishes. Sitting across the table from us in restaurants while we examine a cool new detail isn’t always easy. They also endure our time away from them. So to all the architecture widows and widowers out there, thanks for the support. We love you!

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