Kim Bowen thinkingThis morning I sit in the middle of the construction zone known as “The Fire House” or “The New Office.” The last remaining vestige of the old station is coming out. The building is shaking under the effort. I have mixed feelings about this because it’s the bathroom. It has to get done, but I’ve now been without plumbing for 2 days. If all goes to plan, I’ll have a toilet back Monday. While I’m always glad to see progress, sometimes the physical reality is painful.

Bathroom demo in progress, missing toilet
I'm calling this one "The Ghost of Toilets Past."
Bathroom demo in progress, missing sinks
So long sinks!

Perhaps today isn’t the right day to discuss this. I’m tired. Physically and mentally exhausted. The renovation is progressing, but there are still hundreds of decisions left. And yes, decision fatigue is a thing. There are issues to unravel. How do we get the floor level so the glass conference room walls can be installed? What do we do when an item we paid a deposit for 2 months ago because it has a long lead time wasn’t ever ordered by the people we paid? How do I get reluctant tradesmen to come and do the work?

Cat covering eyes with paws
My Current Mood. Photo from

While I worry at night about these things that I know still need to be done, I’ve also learned some things. “We’ll be there after lunch” is code for “we aren’t coming.” Hardened construction workers can be big babies and want everything their way. Some also gossip like teenage girls. Neighbors sometimes yell at you when you go to chat about something unexpected and out of your control. There are still true craftsmen in our society. And some people still take pride in their work.

I know, this blog is a downer. But I really am grateful for this building and the new insights I am getting. Part of my frustration stems from how anxious I am to see things complete. I can’t wait to work at an actual desk again with everything I need in the same place. So I am going to take this weekend to try to rest and rally. Monday should bring working plumbing once again. And if not, “I’ll be there after lunch.”

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