What a year.

This past year has been….interesting, to say the least. At the beginning of the year, we all thought the Australian wildfires would be the biggest news story, but then the pandemic settled in for the long haul and changed our everyday lives. While the world seemingly stopped, it’s good to look back and remember that things did happen during 2020, and some of it was good!

Here’s a look at the 2020 year through the MSB lens.

 1. Saint James was in the throes of construction in January and was wrapping up by the end of the year.

recital hall under construction and finished
Figure 1 January VS. December
entry to Saint James School Pohanka Fine Arts building
Figure 2 January VS. October
rotunda at Saint James School Pohanka Fine Arts building
Figure 3 January VS. December

 2. Sloan School of Music started the year in construction and opened to their first customers in the middle of the same year.

Sloan School of Music under construction and finished
Figure 4 April VS. July

 3. We field measured a variety of locations and visited construction sites to monitor progress. One brave owner let Brianna and I operate a lift.

pictures from various site visits
Figure 5 A small sampling of sites we visited.
  1. We learned how to work differently, and disinfecting became the norm.

    collage of images related to Covid
    Figure 6 FaceTime, Disinfecting, Learning to WFH, and making 3d printed face shields for local front lines workers.


  2. ​​​​​​We still sketched a ton.

    architectural sketches
    Figure 7 Redlines and sketching on the whiteboard.


  3. The office had its fair share of shenaningans, finish selections, scheduling, and various other activites, but 6 feet away and with masks on when in close proximity or visitors were in the office.

    collage of images at MSB Architects
    Figure 8 Just our typical, to be honest

    Even with all the weirdness, life continued on. It’s good to keep perspective as we edge our way back to “normal”, whatever that is.

    meme from Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
    Figure 9 Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy


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