Ever wonder if you might be an architect?  According to popular opinion, there are some tell-tale signs such as is a large part of your wardrobe black clothes?  Do you wear rounded glasses? Do you overuse words such as “juxtaposition,” “dichotomy,” and “curvilinear”? Are you very particular about the type of pen you use?  Have you ever uttered the words “I haven’t slept in two days.” (And been proud of the fact?) Have you ever held a philosophical discussion about what a brick wants to be?  Do you have a sketchbook with you no matter where you go?

Then there are some more subtle signs that may have slipped your notice.  But all you have to do is scroll through your photos to find out if you may be an architect.  

Do you take photos of rooms or particular details that are nicely done?  Or ones that are just not quite right? (Bonus points if it’s a bathroom!)

collage of images showing architectural details
Details can be just so nice like the integration of the glulam column, how the grout line perfectly meets the window trim or the window that lets you see how the bridge is working. But then again, why doesn’t the corner grout line meet at the corner, and why isn’t the toilet straight? Photos by author.

Have you ever had to be at the top of a ladder or power lift to look at a detail that no one but you (and, like, maybe two other people) will ever see, notice, or care about?

collage of man on various ladders and lifts
Ladders and lifts, hope you’re not afraid of heights! Photos by author and Janelle Horst.

Do you have photos of objects that are somehow important to a job but look completely random out of context?

collage of a sink, tape, tiles
A sink a client wants to use, how a plank ceiling is actually attached, structural steel bits and bobs, sample materials, special tape for the vapor barrier? Who knows? Photos by author and Janelle Horst.

Have you ever considered a correction to your work pretty and taken a photo of it?

collage of red lined images
Redlines galore! Telling people how to fix stuff has never looked so good. Photos by Janelle Horst.


Do you have an awkward high number of photos with your boss in them?

collage of images with man at construction sites
Plenty of photos of Scott end up in our camera roll, sometimes just a piece of him. Apparently, he points at things a lot. Photos by author and Janelle Horst.


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