As most of our intrepid blog readers know, due to budgetary constraints, we opted to act as our own general contractor. Walking in the shoes of the general contractor has certainly been a worthwhile experience that is both rewarding and challenging. We have learned that the general contractor spends a lot of time passing information between trades. It also involves a lot of time on the phone scheduling people to be onsite. And just like on our construction projects, sometimes things don’t go as planned and adjustments need to be made. This starts a whole new cycle of passing information and making calls.

The good news is construction of our new office is progressing. Although it’s never as fast as you want, I think we are still on target for finishing in July. We expect completion of all our rough-in inspections by the end of this week. This will allow us to finish insulating the exterior walls and start drywall. Honestly, if not for the sub-contractors we are using, I don’t think it would have been as smooth as it has been.

Here’s to the subs

So it seems appropriate this week to give a shout out to each sub-contractor. These are the companies getting Our Story Built.

Framing, drywall, and insulation by Quality Homes Construction

Mechanical by MS Johnston

Electrical by McIntire HVAC and Electrical

Plumbing by Andy Downs Plumbing

Demolition by Adam’s Demolition

Roofing by Colby Bachtell Roofing

Windows by Hagerstown Paint and Glass

All glass entrance system by Modern Art & Plate Glass

Floor finishes by Solara

Wood stairs by Beachley Furniture Company

Cable railing by Keuka Studios

Security and Access Controls by Spichers Security Services

Masonry work by AE Sweeney Masonry

Ceiling tile by Standard Acoustical

Countertops by Countertop Solutions

Painting by Crown Pairing

Thank you for your skill and patience with the process. Your collaboration is appreciated.