Step 1:  You Talk, We Listen

We get to know you, your style and requirements and then we explore basic layout possibilities based on your initial ideas. We develop a concept plan, keeping in mind the existing and future needs of your project. We will present schemes (i.e., plans and sketches) for review during the design for your input. Your comments will be reflected in revised schemes, which will then be reviewed for further deliberation. A cycle of design and review continues until we craft a design that you prefer.


Step 2:  Architectural Alchemy

Once a concrete schematic plan is established, we further refine the plans and details for permitting and construction. The design team brings to bear its intense obession for detail (in a good way, of course!) with the Construction Documents, drawings and specifications which describe material selection, finishes, construction details, and the quality of craftsmanship, in preparation for bidding and permitting. Throughout the construction documents process you will provide guidance on each element of the design. They are revised, as necessary, in accordance with your aesthetic expectations.


Step 3:  Bring Your Vision to Life

With the completion of construction drawings, the plans are ready for bidding to construction companies and applying for your building permit (don’t worry, we assist you throughout the process)! We can recommend local contractors and assist in evaluating the final bids from contractors for completeness. We observe construction to ensuring compliance with the design drawings and we assist in resolving any framing/finishing questions in the field. We are by your side through completion of the project.