The next chapter in our story: MSB Architects–Your Story Built.

Every once in awhile, it’s time to stop and take stock in where you’ve been and where you are headed. MSB Architects has long served as storytellers through architecture. We find joy and passion in finding something special about YOUR story, be it your history, brand, or something about the building itself and communicating it through architectural elements. We discovered during our time of reflection was that this wasn’t necessarily the story we were telling about ourselves. So we decided to make some “renovations” of our own that better express our focus. So without further ado, introducing the new look of MSB Architects.

We are thrilled to find kindred spirits in HighRock Studios designers, whom we could “geek out” with over visual messaging. The resulting logo’s orange line looks like the aerial view of several buildings of varying sizes working together in a community, much as we view our work as being vital to the community. At the same time, the same line resembles a “parti diagram,” a tool we use early in the design process to roughly sketch a concept into key structures and relationships. At the most basic level, this is what we do—we create structures and relationships. The font and colors represent a more modern take on our past while moving to the future.

Capping it all off is our simple statement of purpose: Your Story Built. We take the time to find out your story and what you want to communicate through your building and weave it into the design elements of the space. From something as simple as using your logo colors as accents to something more complicated like spelling the company name in Morse code in the window pattern, we incorporate your story into the design. After all, your new space is part of your story.