Braddock Heights Volunteer Fire Department staff is expanding, meeting the needs of the local community and its safety.  Their previous facility only accommodated three bunks, with limited community space for increased staffing.  The existing facility has been expanded in the past with little attention to internal flow and aesthetic cohesiveness of the architecture.  The Building Committee stressed the importance of a unified exterior façade, and improvement of the interior layout to meet their current expansion needs and those in the future.

The renovation and addition add a larger community area, six person bunk room, dedicated Fire Chief bunk room, weight room, and a large training room for its staff.  The existing building has multiple roof pitches and flat roofs, resulting in an awkward façade arrangement in a Victorian style community.  The addition conceals those awkward roofs, and unifies the exterior appearance with a barrel vault roof and stick built brackets to compliment the surrounding environment.  The exterior CMU color chosen was red, in contrast to the existing tan CMU.  The color change creates a focal point to the building and enhances the primary entrance for visitors.

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