The Hagerstown Fairgrounds was established in 1880, as the site of the Hagerstown Fair and later as a horse racing track. It served the community until 1960 and was vacant until early 2000, when it was renovated to an open spaced recreation field with baseball and soccer fields. The City of Hagerstown has continued to redevelop the property, with an emphasis on fitness and recreation. 

MSB Architects was commissioned to create a multi-purpose exercise space within existing storage area in the former grandstands and stadium building. Early concepts showed dancing, rhythmic lighting and playful angles that push you through the space, all against an industrial backdrop. The design incorporated several niche areas, which allow both individual workouts and small group activities to occur simultaneously. Natural lighting for the space is provided by high windows along the north façade. A new entrance is framed with a large, perforated corrugated metal panel in blue, reflective of the City of Hagerstown’s colors. A simple, horizontal, wooden canopy breaks through the metal panel to welcome incoming patrons.

In effort to reduce costs, the City of Hagerstown decided to keep the construction with their maintenance staff. With this in mind, the design team utilized simple construction details throughout the space.

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