The Seton Center’s mission is working with their neighbors to build a hopeful future, in the Spirit of Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton. To achieve this goal, the Seton center provides the residents of northern Frederick County, Maryland emergency support services. The program has two primary functions. The first is an outreach program that assists the working poor in crisis. The second is a Family Store, which resells local donations of clothes and other essential items. These programs are housed in Seton Center’s existing facility, which was built in 1969 as a temporary solution. While this building has served their mission over the past 50 years, it was never designed to meet their needs.

MSB Architects was hired to design a new facility that met Seton Center’s mission objectives, while providing better utilization of their spatial needs. Reflecting the mission, the building has 2 major areas for each function. The emergency support services area contains counseling offices, a computer resource room, and a multi-purpose room, while the other houses all the needs of the Family Store.  The spaces are connected by a primary entrance welcoming all in need. Solar panels, daylight harvesting lights, and a VRF high efficiency HVAC system were included to provide operational savings, reducing the ongoing costs for the facility. Additionally, a drainage paver system was utilized in the parking lot to minimize its effect on the open land for additional storm water management.

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