Sloan School of Music (SSoM) was founded by several musicians who taught at a local music shop. Together, they envisioned a better way to serve their students and the local community by creating a modern music store, lesson facility, and instrument retailer.

When the time was right, Anthony Sloan called his former guitar student, Scott Bowen, at MSB Architects to help bring their vision to life. During the process, Sloan wanted to address the frequent noise complaint from the practice room in the former location. To combat this issue, MSB Architects designed the spaces to create acoustic separation between the adjacent practice rooms and the retail store.

Knowing an abiding love of music and instruments is at the foundation of SSoM, MSB Architects incorporated instruments into the design. At the original location, the ceiling of the main retail space is shaped like the body of an electric guitar. Linear lights were added to represent the guitar's frets to further complete the look. The second location's lights are circular and arranged like a drum kit. Both spaces allow plenty of room for recitals or the occasional jam session.

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